※DeepPhagy 1.0 Download

Please note:

DeepPhagy 1.0 is ONLY freely available for academic research. And for commercial usage, please contact us.

Download: Please download DeepPhagy 1.0 installation package by clicking

Current Release: DeepPhagy 1.0
Windows Platform (x64)
Linux/Unix Paltform (x64)
Mac OS X Platform (x64)

Installation: After download just double-click on the software package to begin installation. Then follow the user prompts through the installation. It need to be mentioned that x64 version of DeepPhagy can ONLY run with x64 version of JVM.

Run the software: Please read the Manual firstly.

Feedback: Your feedback will be greatly important for us to improve the DeepPhagy software. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns. Thanks very much!