※ Computational resources for autophagy:


1. THANATOS: an integrative data resource of proteins and post-translational modifications in the regulation of autophagy (Wankun et al., 2017).

2. Autophagic compound database (ACDB): a resource connecting autophagy-modulating compounds, their potential targets and relevant diseases (Deng et al., 2017).

3. The Autophagy Database: a database of proteins involved in autophagy (Homma et al., 2011).

4. Autophagy Regulatory Network: an integrated resource to analyze regulatory network of autophagy proteins (Türei et al., 2015).

5. Human Autophagy Database (HADb): first Human Autophagy-dedicated Database (Moussay et al., 2011).

6. ncRDeathDB 2.0: an all-inclusive information resource on ncRNAs in cell deaths (Wu et al., 2015).

7. miRDeathDB: a database bridging microRNAs and the programmed cell death (Xu et al., 2012).

8. Cell death proteomics database: consolidating proteomics data on cell death (Arntzen et al., 2013).

9. Human Lysosome Gene Database (hLGDB): a database of human lysosomal genes and their regulation (Arntzen et al., 2013).

10. iLIR: a web resource for prediction of Atg8-family interacting proteins (Kalvar et al., 2014).

11. iLIR Autophagy Database: a web resource for LIR motif-containing proteins in eukaryotes (Jacomin et al., 2016).

12. iLIR@viral: a web resource for LIR motif-containing proteins in viruses (Jacomin et al., 2017).